The day begins at FKK Artes in Bayreuth

Your day begins with the perfect debut, admission to FKK Artes. Increasingly breathtaking experiences await you in the club. You are a visitor to an exclusive address and are also treated just as exclusively here. Only 30 EUR still separate you from joy! You pay, enter, take a bathrobe, three towels and disinfected bath slippers, put on everything, throw keys and wallet in the safe, also leave your everyday life behind and put your everyday clothes in the locker, then begin your exciting journey through the club … (discounted ticket does not include bathrobe or drinks)



The bar is your
first destination

The bar is your first destination. You are thirsty for experience, because you and also the guests around you are extremely hot – however, a cold drink (it could also be coffee) for refreshment comes in just handy! Apart from Energy Drinks, all cold, hot drinks and soft drinks are included in the entry price (drinks offer is not included in the discounted ticket).


Get carried away
by pleasure

Be carried away by pleasure and act simply as the mood takes you. Relax in the wellness area, meet other guests in the lounge, retreat when you like into one of the beautiful rooms or enjoy a stay in the green garden. Explore the club, all the doors are open to you at FKK Artes!


Or do everything, one at a time

Sauna or Pool? Only you decide which wellness experience is the right one for you. Choose from a wide range of offers and pamper yourself completely in your own style!


nothing is obligatory

You have watched the other guests for a long time. And they have also noticed you. Reciprocate the interested glances, exchange a smile, start a conversation, enjoy a stimulating chat and discover what else could still develop from it …


to come back down

Man, that was a thrilling date! Even now you are flushed with it! In order to come down to earth, go into the whirlpool once more and then maybe have something to eat at the buffet! Such a great experience makes one hungry. You need to replenish the calories you just used-up…

Hot Food

hunger strikes

Nobody can be armed against the times of hunger or thirst, but there is a remedy which itself will give great pleasure to this physical longing. Choose your favourite dishes from an extensive culinary selection which we gladly prepare hot for you from 18:30.


and the music gets louder

The night takes possession of the visitors and leaves nobody untouched. Now is the time for dancing, now it’s party time! Treat yourself to a few drinks at the bar, start flirting, laughing and living, having fun. Let yourself drift and be led by your feelings. Enjoy the carefree moment which seems perfect to you because there can be nothing nicer!

Bayreuth Nord